creating custom small spaces for intentional living

Little Homestead is dedicated to constructing the most efficient and functional living spaces possible with a variety of mobility options. Specializing in Van living, tiny homes, art studios and meditation spaces, little homestead will design your custom space to meet your needs with an eye for function and form.




the story

Brainstorming in a Ferndale, MI studio apartment in 2016, Jay and Abby committed to each other a promise to focus, save money, and execute a plan that would subsequently take the next year to complete. In December of 2016, Jay and Abby moved out of their second floor apartment and bought a 2007 Dodge Sprinter Van destined to become their first tiny home. Abby who is a talented artist and Jay a talented woodworker created a fully functional four seasons home on wheels inside of the van. When the van was complete, Abby and Jay quit their 9-5 jobs and moved in to this new tiny home. These life choices - to pare down their life, to design a space with intention, and to discover challenge and comfort in tiny living - inspired the creation of Little Homestead. Through the passion of creation and miles traveled, Jay is now building small spaces for others. Little Homestead offers the client a complete design and build of a van, trailer, or small space with mindful intentions of minimizing clutter and maximizing space efficiency and beauty around you.



Little Homestead

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